TI Outpatient Counseling Services is the newest addition to Therapeutic Interventions, Inc. list of services. Outpatient counseling is often recommended for individuals who suffer from a variety of emotional, behavioral or psychiatric conditions. Individual counseling is extremely beneficial in addressing depression, anxiety, anger issues, abuse/relationship issues and a multitude of psychiatric conditions.

Outpatient Counseling provides a safe, secure environment to discuss on-going stressors, explore underlying beliefs, or disclose puzzling symptoms. Outpatient clinicians teach clients necessary skills to help reduce or manage symptoms, thus, improving an individual’s functioning in their work, school, home or community. Clinicians can also assist clients and their families with improving communication skills,developing relationships, and improving ability to resolve conflicts. Additionally, clinicians will link clients to supports and services in the community so that they can maintain their emotional and behavioral gains post discharge.

Outpatient sessions are typically 45-50 minutes, and appointments are scheduled once every one to two weeks (or more often if client is in critical need). For children, parents or guardians will be required to attend the initial session, and then intermittently thereafter for family sessions.

Outpatient services may be used in adjunct to therapeutic day treatment and/or intensive in-home services if a client is not making sufficient progress towards treatment goals while in these services thus far.

TI Outpatient Counseling is currently participating with most major insurance plans.