School-Based Programs


Our goal is to keep children in the least restrictive learning environment (mainstream school setting) and avoid off-site school or out of home placement.

Therapeutic Services

We have a full array of services for children and adolescents as well as outpatient and skill building services for adults with a significant psychiatric function who are learning to live independently.


Foster Care


For special circumstances where temporary placement outside home is necessary and for individuals who struggle with emotional, behavioral, academic or social difficulties to the extent it interferes with daily functioning.

Who we Serve

  • All School age youth, both males and females.
  • Individuals disrupting their own learning as well as the learning of other students.
  • Adults as we serve them through our MHSB program and Outpatient programs.
  • Individuals in the following locations:

    Northampton & Accomack counties, Northern Virginia, Petersburg, Prince George County, Southampton County, Franklin City, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Newport News, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Gloucester, Suffolk